Veiled Architectures

Domenico Nicolamarino

From the catalogue “Maria Cristiana Fioretti  Light Abstr-action”, pp. 40-41, Ed. Gabriele Mazzotta, Siena, 2010

A veil over a figure hides and reveals at the same time: it is we who read what we want. In this opportunity for dual interpretation, the light contributes to smoothing the forms just as the water of the sea on rocks. A repetitive rhythm caressing and conditioning one moment after the other. The water, like musical notes, crashes over the setting, modifying it. In this measured musical counterpoint, the forms fill up and empty out in a sequence of rhythms. The painting follows this removing and filling back in, with a duality of energy and figuration of what we want to see. The illumination that makes up the light dimension envelops us and enhances the spirituality, removing certain physical characteristics (the weight of matter), while adding psycho-aesthetic qualities. Artist Maria Cristina Fioretti’s aim is to show and to extend to the observer a multimedial multiplicity of forms, freeing him to linger over the chromatic hollows, leaving the option to spend time in these enchanted places. The observer’s itinerary is intriguing because it leads to places that we feel we have seen before and to which we do not mind returning, as we consider them points of meditation. The chromatic hollows are the seat of our spirituality where, as in children’s play, we go to hide what is our own and what we would like to show to the others. These fragments of spirituality are visible to whoever possesses the same spirituality, and therefore we do not see it all in the same way, and, most importantly, we read the space as a concretization of ourselves. With architecture, people have intentionally demonstrated the dualism between empty space and occupied space: in this painting, too, dwells the constant quest for membranes and veils that describe the defragmentation of the present into physicality and spirituality.